The Arts Society Abingdon, founded in 1994 as Abingdon Decorative and Fine Arts Society (ADFAS), is a flourishing member society of The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS (The National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies)) and the local Wyvern area group

The Arts Society Abingdon is one of more than 340 societies in the UK and Europe which subscribe to The Arts Society's aims and objectives - the advancement of arts education and appreciation and the preservation of our artistic heritage.

Take a look at our lecture programme. It is not just about paintings! Our interests include architecture, ceramics, furniture, garden design, glass, jewellery, mosaics and sculpture, as well as their history and the lives of artists, craftsmen and patrons. We also recognise the role of music, theatre and literature.

How we started

Letter from founding member Audrey Hasnip received on the day after the Golden Jubilee celebration on 18 July 2018.

 I really enjoyed yesterday evening – great entertainment and a good lecture, thank you to you and all your committee.   The event made me remember – with nostalgia – how it all started, and I wondered how much you knew about it all!

 The great instigator was a lady called Enid Munson.  Her husband was a Harwell scientist and they had two sons who went to Abingdon School.   Enid had belonged to a NADFAS group in Oxford and she thought it would be a good idea to start one in Abingdon.   She collected a group of about 8 people and invited them to a meeting in her house to discuss it.  Keith [Hasnip] had been suggested to her as a possible chairman so she invited him to the meeting and since Keith always involved me in such things I went too!   Needless to say we decided to go ahead and form a NADFAS group.  Head office told us it would take a year to launch – we said we would do it in 6 months and we did!

 There was obviously a need for such an organisation here and it was all exciting and very rewarding.   Meetings were held in the Abbey Hall and there were plenty of people to make up a really good audience.   Luckily, on the committee there were two people who had been members of NADFAS and this a great help.  In no time at all we were forced to hold two sessions – morning and afternoon, and our members came from quite a large area.  I always feel great satisfaction when I come to the morning meetings – everybody really seems to enjoy them – the lecturers and slides are always high quality.

 Thank you for carrying on such a great organisation and thank you again for a lovely evening – you managed the weather too!


 Note:  Audrey was also on the first committee and served as Programme Secretary for several years.