Our main activity is a varied programme of ten illustrated talks each year given by high quality, Arts Society accredited, lecturers. They are experts in their field but have the ability to make their subject accessible to all and they invariably entertain as well as inspire. Nobody ever leaves an Arts Society Abingdon meeting without learning something!

Visits by coach
We organise visits to current exhibitions in London or other locations, most recently The Grayson Perry Exhibition and Kensington Palace. In summer we seek out quirky country houses, often privately owned, with outstanding architecture and collections and lovely gardens, hoping that the weather is also lovely!

Local visits
An innovation is visits, in smaller groups, to invesgate interesting and unusual aspects of the City and University of Oxford - a talk at the Ashmolean from an exhibition curator, an opportunity to handle some of the museum's precious porcelain collection under the guidance of an expert or a private guided visit to the Bodleian libraries or an Oxford College.

Every year we also offer a short holiday to our members, alternating between a UK desntiaon and abroad. Recent desntiaons include Cornwall, Suffolk, Provence, Prague, Amsterdam, the Loire valley with Monet's Garden and Naples.

Special Interest Days
We aim to run two Special Interest Days per year, one each in the Spring and Autumn. They give an opportunity to hear in more depth from an Arts Society lecturer about a specific topic and may, depending on the subject, include a ‘hands on’ element or the opportunity for members to bring their own examples for consideration. The usual format is two talks in the morning followed by a third session after lunch.

The Arts Society is committed to the conservation of our wonderful heritage. Within The Arts Society Abingdon we have two groups. The Heritage Volunteers conserve the very old books in need of some TLC in an Oxford college library and the Church Recorders have been recording St Nicolas Church, Abingdon, ensuring the full detail of its fabric and contents are available for generations to come.

Young Arts
The Arts Society provides children and young people with exciting opportunities to get involved in creative arts activities. Within The Arts Society Abingdon we have supported a number of school based initiatives and currently support The Art Room charity who provide art therapy sessions for children experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.