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18 September 2019Gems from Life from Flies to Elephants
16 October 2019The Genius of Antonio Stradivari
20 November 2019Van Gogh & Gauguin “A Terrible Lucidity”
15 January 2020Power Politics and a Country Church: The story of Geoffrey Chaucer's grand-daughter, Alice de la Pole and her husband William, Duke of Suffolk
19 February 2020Influences in Photography
18 March 2020Raphael: Painter of Perfection

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Gems from Life from Flies to Elephants Maggie Campbell Pederson Wednesday 18 September 2019

A richly illustrated lecture introducing you to organic gem materials, their uses and origins. Amber, horn, tortoiseshell, ivory, pearl, shell and coral, have all been used for many thousands of years as adornment – in the form of jewellery, and for decorating our surroundings as carvings and furniture inlay. From current trade bans to spotting fakes, this talk is an absolute gem!