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20 November 2019Van Gogh & Gauguin “A Terrible Lucidity”
15 January 2020Power Politics and a Country Church: The story of Geoffrey Chaucer's grand-daughter, Alice de la Pole and her husband William, Duke of Suffolk
19 February 2020Influences in Photography
18 March 2020Raphael: Painter of Perfection

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Van Gogh & Gauguin “A Terrible Lucidity” Douglas Skeggs Wednesday 20 November 2019

1888 found Vincent Van Gogh in the old Roman town of Arles where he hoped to set up a fellowship of artists. He was joined by Paul Gauguin and, although the two artists admired each other, it was a disastrous combination of personalities as they were irritated, maddened and exasperated by each other. Respect and loathing became one and within two months Van Gogh was on a path to the confines of a hospital cell in which his final and most memorable paintings were made.