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17 January 2018Empowering People - the Real Voice of Street Art
21 February 2018Thomas Heatherwick: "The Leonardo da Vinci of our times" (Sir Terence Conran)
21 March 2018The Two Gustavs: Mahler and Klimt

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Empowering People - the Real Voice of Street Art Doug Gillen Wednesday 17 January 2018

"The people want to topple the regime" - the words that lay at the heart of the Syrian uprising in 2011 echoed throughout the Arab Spring.  When a group of teenagers hit the streets with cans of spraypaint one night they never knew it would change their entire country.  Across Egypt today anti-government murals and tags flood the public wall space of the city, the voice of the silenced.  A little girl holds a balloon as she floats towards the sky, as simple stencil sprayed on the separation wall that divide Israel and Palestine was viewed from every corner of the world.  The streets of Belfast today are filled with para-military figures clutching semi-automatic guns.  Art lies at the heart of social unrest, a voice for those who cannot be heard.  Graffiti is more than mindless vandalism, it's the early stages of revolution.