The Arts Society Heritage Volunteers help to conserve our national heritage by providing non-specialist support for museums, libraries, National Trust properties and historic houses. 


The Arts Society Abingdon group of six volunteers started work in the Angus Library at Regent's Park College in January 2014. The Angus Library is the leading world-class collection for Baptist and Nonconformist history and heritage. 

After an introduction from a book Conservator, Caroline Bendix, on the history of books and book binding, there were two training days of practical sessions covering repairs to the board, corners and broken spines of damaged books with a later one on making book boxes for more severely damaged books.

Our volunteers are organised in two teams of three, joined by a group from West Oxon, so that each team works for one morning every three weeks. The books are largely religious texts, some dating from the English Civil War and the latter part of the seventeenth century, when Puritan reformers were questioning the practices of the Church of England and establishing alternative forms of worship. 

The excellent work of our volunteers in the Angus Library is of great value because many of the books are deteriorating and in great need of restoration. 

If you would like more information please contact the Arts Society Abingdon Volunteers Representative, via