The Arts Society Church Recorder groups, which number about 200 in the UK, record the rich artistic heritage of their church, producing an inventory, with background information, of the interior of a church and its contents. The group works in pairs to research and document details of memorials, stonework, metalwork, windows, woodwork, textiles, paintings, libraries and any other miscellaneous objects. A detailed record, including illustrations, is produced according to a prescribed format. When complete, a copy of the Record is presented to the church; additional copies are held by the diocesan or county record office, Victoria and Albert Museum, Church Buildings Council and National Monuments Board. 

As well as forming a heritage archive, the information in Records is used by researchers, insurance companies and the police. To date, around 1,700 such reports have been compiled, each taking around three years to complete.

Under the leadership of past Arts Society Abingdon Chairman Sue Hodgson, a Church Recorders group was formed in 2013. They have worked in St Nicolas Church, Abingdon, meeting once a month to research and write reports in their chosen field of study. These reports are now complete and over the coming months, Sue will continue the work of checking and collating them to produce the finished Church Record, a huge achievement for our team of volunteers.