Young Arts provides exciting opportunities for children and young people to expand their horizons through their involvement in creative arts activities. 

At The Arts Society in Abingdon we have a strong commitment to Young Arts and have supported many projects . In recent years the major project we have supported is The Art Room (, an Oxford and Didcot-based charity set up in 2002 to offer art as therapy to children and young people who experience difficulty in mainstream education. It offers them a chance to spend special time away from their classroom, to feel safe and valued in a caring environment where the power of art allows them to engage positively and build self esteem with the help of their therapists. 

Five hundred  young people are helped every week by The Art Rooms, including the central hub at Oxford Spires Academy,The Aureus School in Great Western Park in Didcot , four more centres in Oxfordshire, two in London and a new one in Scotland.

In January 2018 The Art Room merged with A Place to Be, bringing together the two children's mental health charities' evidence-based programmes to support young people in schools .  

The Arts Society Abingdon members are collecting art materials,including stamps, bottle tops, old foreign coins, picture frames, broken jewellery, beads, buttons and sequins, ribbons and illustrated art books, some of which went immediately to art therapy for the traumatised Grenfell Tower children. 

Donations can be left behind The Welcome Desk at our lectures.

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, who has a degree in Art History, chose The Art Room as one of her first charities to receive her royal patronag, reflecting the importance of art therapy to troubled children.

 Recent Young Arts Projects 

  • £300 to Rush Common Primary School ,Abingdon ,to help pay for an artist in residence to work with the children to make a 'Welcome to Rush Common School' mosaic as part of their Golden Jubilee celebrations.‚Äč (see picture above)
  • £150 to The Art Room for acrylics and paintbrushes 
  • £100 to Abingdon Museum for Art and Craft materials for their children's art days.
  • £600 to Carswell School,Abingdon to make an Art Gallery to display their work and also to refurbish a dedicated room  for art and craft work.
  • £400 to Long Furlong School, Abingdon, to facilitate a visit by Quantum Theatre . This acted as a stimulus to initiate a cross-curricular project involving literacy, art and design technology.
  • £ 200 to The Net, a young people's centre in Abingdon, for paint and other art materials for the creation of four large external murals .

All surplus money from the coffee and tea donations and any returned Gift Aid money goes towards our fund for Young Arts charities.

For further information contact the Young Arts Representative via