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27 March 2019Wyvern Study Days 2019 -3 Cross Cultural Influences in the Arts Cultural Legacies - Romans in Britain
27 February 2019Wyvern Study Days 2019 -2 Cross Cultural Influences in the Arts The British Empire and Imperial India
30 January 2019Wyvern Study Days 2019-1 Cross Cultural Influences in the Arts The Normans in England 1066-1215
21 March 2018Wyvern Area study day 2018-3 Art in the Arts - Art and Literature
28 February 2018Wyvern Area study day 2018-2 Art in the Arts - Art and the Theatre
31 January 2018Wyvern Area study day 1 Art in the Arts - Art and Music
21 March 2017The Country House in the Twentieth Century
18 October 2016The Silent Partner: The Picture Frame from Past to Present

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Wyvern Study Days 2019 -3
Cross Cultural Influences in the Arts
Cultural Legacies - Romans in Britain
Guy de la Bédoyère Wednesday 27 March 2019


Cross Cultural Influences in the Arts 

A three-part exploration of how other cultures have influenced the Arts in Britain 

Day 1 - Wednesday 30 January 2019 The Normans in England 1066-1215: It is 950 years since the Normans invaded England. The roughest of company , they came not to civilise, but to seize. There followed an orgy of building in what was described as ‘a new manner’ – castles, churches, monasteries and cathedrals – that all but effaced the fabric of Saxon England. In advance of the Bayeux Tapestry’s UK exhibition, Rupert will also ‘unravel’ the mysteries of the landmark in the history of Western art. To conclude, Rupert will tell us about William the Marshal, the knight errant, who made a fortune in ransoms on the tournament circuit in Northern France. Rupert evokes a world in which the knights were dominant and were ‘the angels men complain of, who kill whatever they come upon’. Rupert Willoughby has been an Arts Society Lecturer since 2011 and specialises in the domestic and social life of the past. 

Day 2 - Wednesday 27 February 2019 

The British Empire and Imperial IndiaImages, Architecture and Arts - 

This study day explores a range of images, buildings, objects and art forms from across the British Empire. Beginning with a broad view of the empire and imperial art in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, we will go on to focus more closely on Imperial India.

We will consider the arts and architecture of the vibrant capital city of Calcutta, the ‘second city’ of the British Empire throughout the nineteenth century. We will then take a detailed look at the life and art of one of India’s cultural giants, Rabindranath Tagore. An experienced Arts Society Lecturer, John Stevens is an expert on the cultural history of India and the British Empire. 

Day 3 - Wednesday 27 March 2019 

Cultural Legacies – Romans in Britain: Led by well-known Arts Society lecturer Guy de la Bédoyèrethis Study Day looks at three different ways in which Roman art, history and culture has impacted on later ages and our own era. Praetorian is not just the story of how the emperors protected themselves with a dangerous and volatile body of specialist troops. It covers the dramatic occasions when the Guard toppled emperors, which stimulated the imagination of artists in the 1800s and 1900s who were fascinated by the challenges facing imperial power in their own time. Domina tells the remarkable story of how Rome’s two greatest dynasties were in fact passed down the female bloodline and how women came to form an essential part of the image of the Roman state. But Rome’s male and very biased historians established a negative image of powerful women that inspired medieval historians to depict queens of their own eras in the same way. Finally, ‘What did the Romans really do for Britain?’ examines the surprising truth of the cultural legacy left by the Roman Empire in Britain, not just from the Roman Britain era but also during centuries since when Roman influence has arrived by different routes. 

Venue for all three Study Days – The Headley Lecture Theatre, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. (10.30am - 3.30pm) Price £35 per day or £105 for series. Includes coffee and sandwich lunch.
Open to both The Arts Society members and non-members

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