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20 April 2018Oxford Union and Exeter College. A Guided tour with Alistair Lack
11 June 2018HOLIDAY- North Northumberland
26 June 2018Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery and the Hospital of St Cross in Winchester
28 August 2018Tate Modern, Picasso 1932 - Love Fame, Tragedy.

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Oxford Union and Exeter College. A Guided tour with Alistair Lack
Friday 20 April 2018

Oxford Union and Exeter College

A guided tour with Alastair Lack

Friday 20 April 2018: 2 pm – 4 pm

Cost: £12

Meet at the entrance to the Oxford Union, St Michael Street, Oxford


Alastair Lack will be our guide to the Oxford Union, a hidden gem in the centre of the city.   We shall visit the present-day Debating Chamber and the Library, the original Debating Hall, its gallery decorated with colourfully exuberant panels of murals by the undergraduate Pre-Raphaelites.  William Morris wrote later: “As for my own, I confess I should feel more comfortable if it had disappeared from the wall, as I am conscious of its being extremely ludicrous in many ways . . . Mr Burne-Jones’ is a beautiful piece of work, and admirably suits its space . . . but it would surely be a pity to destroy some of the pictures, which are really remarkable, and at the worst can do no harm there.”

In Exeter College, Burne-Jones and Morris’ own college, we shall see their famous tapestry ‘Adoration of the Magi’ and, weather permitting, visit the private Fellows’ garden with its unique elevated view over the Radcliffe Camera and surrounding buildings in Radcliffe Square.


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